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My Research:
I study urban and terrestrial ecology including the effects of land cover change on vegetation dynamics and carbon cycling. My work is rooted in terrestrial carbon cycle science and global change biology, and applies to sustainable urban design and policy.

I also employ active learning principles in my undergraduate STEM courses, and am currently studying STEM pedagogy for secondary and post-secondary educators.

Below you will find my publications in chronological order, starting with the most recent year. At the bottom of the page you will find my C.V.
Research Interests:
The Carbon Cycle, Urbanization, Forest and Urban Ecology, Global Environmental Change, Dendrochronology, Geography
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My dissertation: Urbanization, the Carbon Cycle, and Ecosystems: An Exploration of Coupled Dynamics and Feedbacks
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Briber, B. M., Hutyra, L. R., Reinmann, A. B., Raciti, S. M., Dearborn, V. K., Holden, C. E., & Dunn, A. L. (2015) Tree Productivity Enhanced with Conversion from Forest to Urban Land Covers. Plos One, 10(8). doi:ARTN e013623710.1371/journal.pone.0136237

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Briber BM, Hutyra LR, Dunn AL, Raciti SM, Munger JW (2013) Variations in Atmospheric CO2 Mixing Ratios across a Boston, MA Urban to Rural Gradient. Land, 2, 304-327.
My C.V.
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